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Origin of lanyards

Lanyard is a great accessory holder for your ID card and gadgets such as digital camera, mp3 players and cell phone. In fact, it is so efficient that doctors, policemen, bankers and government officials are also using lanyards in their everyday lives. But, before lanyards became widely used by different individuals in different societies today as an ID or gadget holder, it was created and utilized centuries ago. In fact, its usage dates back when ships roamed the waters.

Where the word lanyard did came from?

Many individuals use lanyards without knowing that the term originated back to the 15th century. During this period, lanyard was known as laniere, a French word that denotes strap. However, laniere or known today as lanyard was created before 15th century. It was created when huge ships sailed the waters. Sailors used lanyards to help them climb the rigging without any difficulties.

Early use of lanyards

Even though ships ruled the waters, it was very difficult to control them. In fact, hundreds of men were onboard since the ships’ features were limited at that time. Sailors experienced a hard time climbing the rigging. In fact, the task was incredibly dangerous that it was considered as a life threatening situation especially when the waves were rough and the weather was rash. Even though climbing the rigging was a chore and potentially risky, the men would still go up and carry different kinds of tools.

Later on, the sailors realized that they need a tool that would make their task easier and safer. So they created lanyard. Of course, the lanyards that they came up are different from what we know today. They used rope and simply hung it around their necks. Then they tied the tools like a knife onto the cord by using different knots. Once the tools were all in place, they climbed the rigging and basically, feel a lot safer because they aren’t holding any item in their hands.

19th century

Over the years, the simple idea of lanyards dramatically changed. In the 19th century, using lanyards as a holder became very popular. Individuals still used it for holding their weapons but they didn’t reveal it to the public. They hid it underneath their clothing. Even though the knives or guns were concealed, it can be easily pulled out.

Military purpose

Lanyards were also used by the military. Soldiers and generals used lanyards for their pistols. In fact, both the British and American soldiers during World War II. Later on, lanyards in military became a decorative piece. Lanyard was attached on the military uniforms as to signify the military rank. The lanyard was just a single rope but over time, it became braided featuring a variety of shades.

Lineman lanyards

Mountain climbers also benefited from using lanyards. Of course, lanyards for mountain climbing are different from what you use for holding your gadgets. Mountain climbers use lineman lanyards which features strong materials. IF the lineman lanyards are made from sub standard materials, it defeats the purpose of protecting the wearer from falling down the cliff.

Lanyards are used by many individuals for different purposes. You can use your customized lanyards to carry your smartphone, digital camera or mp3 player. Of course, you can also use it for holding your ID when you are at school or work. If you need the best lanyards, have us work on your personalized lanyards today. We have the best team of designers who are artistically skilled to design the most unique lanyards that you have ever seen in your life! Feel free to contact us today so we can provide you with our free lanyard quote today.

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