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Lanyard Types

We offer cheap lanyards and 19 different styles of customised lanyard to chose from for your brand or promotional events.

Nylon Lanyards


customised nylon lanyard

Nylon lanyards are the preferred by individuals who are looking forward to a durable and sporty type of lanyards.

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Mono Layer Woven Lanyards

  customised monolayer woven lanyard

If you prefer woven than printed, then mono layer woven lanyards are what you should order. This type of lanyard is woven, resulting to a contrasting color on the reverse side.

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Heat transfer lanyards

 customised  heat transfer lanyard

Heat transfer lanyards are perfect for custom lanyards that use two or three colours for the design. This is because of the printing technique called heat transfer already has a pre-rendered design on the paper. The printed design can immediately be transferred through heat press.

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Linking woven lanyards

 customised  linking woven lanyard

The linking woven lanyard is similar with mono layer woven lanyard. However, the mono layer woven lanyard utilizes two identical layers to produce a clearer text or logo when reversed.

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Flat polyester lanyards

 customised  flat polyester

Flat polyester lanyards are the most common and popular type of lanyards. They are known for providing versatile designs due to its woven polyester material. When you choose this type of lanyard, you will also receive a very durable product.

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Colourful Lanyards

 customised  colorful lanyard

This type of lanyard features coloured design that is woven and not printed. They can feature as much as three colours.

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Tubular Lanyards

 customised  tubular lanyard

The tubular landyard is most affordable type of lanyard that we produce. However, quality is not compromised as it is made from durable tube stitched polyester.

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Reflective Lanyards

 customised  reflective lanyard

If you truly desire a unique lanyard, you should get our reflective lanyard. As the name implies, this lanyard is reflective. This means that when hit by light, they will reflect or glow. The creative feature of the reflective lanyard made them the perfect choice for individuals who work at night.

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Hollow Woven Lanyards

 customised hollow woven lanyard

This lanyard also doesn’t utilize standard printing technique to produce your logo or text.

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Woven Satin Label Lanyards

 customised  woven satin label lanyard

The woven satin label lanyard is made from polyester which a satin label is sewn onto it.

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Screen Printed Woven Satin Label Lanyards

 customised  screen printed satin lanyard

As the name implies, this lanyard is made by screen print to produce quality and clear design.

Elastic Lanyards

 customised  elastic woven lanyard

The elastic lanyard option is made from elastic fabric.

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ECO lanyards

 customised  ECO Lanyard

Want to help save the environment? Our lanyards can be made from organic cotton and bamboo.

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Rhinestone Lanyards

 customised  rhinestone lanyard

If you want to add a hint of spark to your lanyard, the rhinestone lanyard is perfect as it features plastic yet attractive rhinestones.

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Round Lanyards

1 customised  round lanyard

The round lanyard is an excellent alternative to standard flat lanyards. This is because this type of lanyard is comfortable to wear. It doesn’t have edges that can cause rashes on your neck.

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Zipper Lanyards

 customised  zipper lanyard

The zipper lanyard is by far the most unique lanyard that you can purchase. It doesn’t feature fabric or rounded straps, Obviously, it is made from plastic zipper which can be adjusted  like a regular zipper.

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