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The benefits of using lanyards in your business

November 8, 2013 Csutomised Lanyards Blog Leave a comment

If you are in the business sector, it is very important to separate yourself from your competitors. You should come up with a creative advertising method which will attract potential customers. While some invest on expensive advertising options such as radio commercials, celebrity endorsements and contests, you can create brand awareness when you are in budget. You don’t need to have a commercial in television or a huge billboard along major roads and highways. You can build your company’s name through the use of customised lanyards.

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Using lanyards maybe the last thing on your mind to attract and entice new customers to try your products or services. But, it is a proven method to establish brand awareness locally and internationally. In fact, you will be surprised that many business owners are harnessing the power of custom lanyards in promoting their services or projects.

This is because of the affordability of the lanyards which doesn’t affect the corporate image of the company. Business organizations are also using lanyards at work to establish their sense of professionalism in the respective industry. They use some of the brightest and most vibrant colors in their lanyards that they become talk of the town. Some also utilizes lanyards to ensure that customers are entertained by actual employees of the company. Moreover, using lanyards at work can also help you to identify who are your employees and who aren’t. You can monitor the office and keep intruders away from stealing valuables files and documents.

Custom lanyards are also beneficial for your company because it can allow your staff to feel a sense of belonging and identity. If your group changed its logo or you just simply want to change the design, you can have your employees involved during this process. This way you can create hype amongst your staff. To make things more exciting, you can also hold a lanyard design contest! Whoever wins will have his or her design featured in the next company lanyard!

The other advantage of using customised lanyards in your company is that you can make your organisation standout during huge seminars or exhibitions. During such events, visitors can easily recognise your company. Interested clients will not hesitate to talk to your staff! Basically, you are creating brand awareness without much effort.

Unlike any company items, lanyards are the cheapest and the most affordable option for you! You can purchase in bulk so that you can have lower and more affordable rates for your entire organisation.

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Another wonderful benefit of lanyards is that you can customise it according to your company’s color theme or logo. In fact, you can have it more personalised by changing the fabric and the finishes. You can even customise the font type, sise and color to suit your lanyard needs.

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, you don’t need to spend on all sorts of advertising methods. You can start with having personalised lanyards which your employees can use during seminars, exhibitions and even normal working days. Potential clients will surely notice your affordable but professional way of building your company or brand. Call us now as we offer huge discounts for bulk orders of customised lanyards.

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